In many cases a home inspector will notate possible issues with the structural integrity of a home.  In these cases, the inspector may recommend that you hire a structural engineer to do a structural inspection.  You may also have some concerns yourself about the foundation of the home and choose to get one without prompting from someone else.  Either way, a structural engineer will have the expertise to identify any major problems and tell you what will be required to fix them.

How much does a structural engineer cost?  

The cost can vary depending on where you live and exactly what is needed from the structural engineer.  Most inspections cost between $319 and $697 with an average cost of $506.  Engineers can charge by the hour or by the project, but will be able to give you a price before your inspection.

How do I hire a licensed structural engineer?

You can get recommendations from your home inspector and your real estate agent.  You should talk to several engineers to ask them about their expertise and licensing credentials.  You should also ask for references.  Contact your local city or county building officials to ensure that your engineer is licensed.