Have you pictured yourself living on a golf course with perfectly manicured greens and fairways?  Living on a golf course is certainly a dream of many people, especially golfers.  However, there are some things that you should consider before purchasing one of these more expensive homes.  You should consider the advantages and disadvantages of living on a golf course.

Advantages to Living on a Golf Course

  • Prestige It is considered prestigious to live in a golf course community.  Most all golf courses are located in upscale neighborhoods and that inherently implies expensive homes.
  • Amenities Since many golf courses are in gated communities, they typically have many amenities such as a clubhouse, pool, and offer lots of social activities.  Golf course communities usually have a strong sense of community and lots of opportunities to socialize with neighbors.
  • Travel timeYou do not have as far to go to get to the golf course.  This will afford you more time to actually golf.
  • Gorgeous ViewsYou can enjoy absolutely beautiful views and invite guests to enjoy them with you.
  • Entertainment  You can sit on the back deck, relax and watch golfers play.

Disadvantages to living on a Golf Course

  • Wayward ShotsIf you live on the golf course, chances are, at some point you will have your home hit by a wayward shot or a stray golf ball.  Of course, depending on the location of your lot to the tee box and hole, some homes are more susceptible.  Nonetheless, wayward shots can result in broken windows on your home and/or automobiles.  You should expect some damage when you are near the golf ball’s flight path. Before purchasing a home on a golf course, you should ask the seller to document in writing any issues they have had with errant golf balls.  This will at least give you an idea of what to expect.  You will also want to speak with an insurance agent to understand the liability protection needed in case someone gets hurt.  You should understand the expense associated with insurance on home on a golf course.
  • Privacy If your home is on a tee box, you may often have golfers that can see into your home.  This may result in the need to close blinds or lose your privacy.
  • Noise Golfers can be noisy and are often talking while playing.  To that end, during golfing hours, you may have a constant flow of golfers and chatter.  Additionally, golf carts can be noisy too if you are near a golf cart path.
  • Pesticides A golf course is going to have pesticides put on the greens and their runoff can be dangerous for people and pets.  Check with the golf course before purchasing if this is an issue for you.  They will be able to tell you if they use organic options or have pesticide free zones.