Nearly everyone who understands how agency works in real estate also understands the clear advantage to working with an exclusive buyer’s agent (EBA).  But, how do you find a true EBA, i.e. a buyer’s agent who works with a company that doesn’t accept listings?  And, what do you do if there aren’t any EBA’s serving your area?

Fortunately for you, the site you’re on – – is the premiere resource for connecting you with an exclusive buyer’s agent.

If an EBA isn’t available in your market, we’ll let you know and we’ll point you toward your next best option.  It works like this…

If an EBA serves the city or town where you’re buying, we’ll make the introduction.  If there are several, we’ll connect you with two of them, so you can compare their approaches and style to see which is a better fit for you.

If there are no EBA’s, we’ll connect you with a local buyer’s agent who doesn’t accept listings and is an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR.)  In most instances, this will be someone who does not work with the biggest agency in town, because we want to minimize the chances of you falling into a dual agency situation (which happens when you chose a home listed by the same company that your agent works for.)

In very small markets, where there are neither EBA’s or agents with an ABR designation, we will vet the traditional agents to find one who prefers working with buyers and is willing to sign an agency agreement promising not to act as a dual agent when working with you.