The truth is not everyone needs to use an agent.  To determine whether or not it makes more sense to use an agent’s services or handle the purchase on your own consider the following:

You Probably Don’t Need a Real Estate Agent If You…

  • Have been actively involved with several recent real estate transactions in the state where you are considering your next purchase. 
  • Are fairly knowledgeable about the process. 
  • Are confident in your negotiating skills. 
  • Have the time to tend to the many details involved between locating the right property, making the offer, conducting the necessary inspections, negotiating repairs, and shepherding the process through closing. 

You Definitely Should Use a Real Estate Agent If You 

  • Have never purchased property. 
  • Have purchased property in the past, but never in the state where you are now planning to purchase. 
  • Aren’t familiar with the local rules and customs regarding real estate transactions. 
  • Don’t negotiate well on your own behalf. 
  • Are pressed for time and would benefit from having someone else handle the many details of the transaction.