About Us

About the SITE

This is your site. It’s a free resource you can use to find answers to every imaginable question about purchasing residential real estate.

Here’s what we’ve set out to do:

  • 1. Provide you with an exhaustive source of information about buying real estate.
  • 2. Give you a place to share your real estate buying experiences.
  • 3. Raise your awareness of Exclusive Buyers Agents and what they can do for you.
  • 4. Help you locate an agent in your market.
  • 5. Expose you to reputable professionals who can help with your real estate purchase.

If you have a question we’ve overlooked here, let us know. We’ll jump on it, do the research for you and add the information to the site so others may benefit as well.

About US

Business partners and long-time friends, Kathleen Baylies and Shannon Winslow, imagined, created, and run this site. (With the help of the talented people at Cynexis.)

Kathleen has worked for 14 years as an exclusive buyers’ agent in southeastern North Carolina. Shannon spent years in the banking industry before leaving to build and manage her own mortgage company which she later sold to a financial institution.

Today, they put their experience to work at BuyersWire to help you navigate the rarely smooth process of buying real estate. This site is for both those who want to do it on their own and those who are looking for reputable, ethical and dependable professionals to help make it easier.

About our PARTNERS

Our partners are buyer-centric real estate agents from across the country who are ready to help you find your perfect place.

What do we mean by “buyer-centric?” They are agents who far prefer to work with buyers rather than sellers. They thrive on locating the hard-to-find properties, negotiating the best terms possible for buyers, and anticipating and minimizing the inevitable “bumps” that are typical in the home buying process.

In order of preference, the agents we recommend are:

  • 1. Exclusive Buyers Agents. Whenever possible, we refer Exclusive Buyers Agents. These are agents who never list properties and neither does the company they work for. These are the agents who never represent sellers in any capacity. That means you never find yourself in a situation where your agent or his company is representing both you and the seller. (You wouldn’t hire a lawyer who represents both sides, would you?)
  • 2. Buyers Agents. Not every market has Exclusive Buyers Agents, but there may be regular buyers’ agents. These are agents who work only with buyers, but they work at a company that takes listings. That means if you fall in love with one of that company’s listings, your buyers’ agent may transform into a dual agent and be required to stop.
  • 3. Traditional Agents with an Accredited Buyers Representative designation. In smaller markets, there may not be Exclusive Buyers Agents nor regular buyers agents. In those situations, we will refer you to a traditional agent who works with both buyers and sellers, but has earned an Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR) designation. We will do this only when there is no alternative.

How do we select the agents we refer? We give preference to the type of agent they are (see above). They are also screened to insure they are responsive, have adequate experience and are committed to putting your interests above all others, including their own. We monitor their performance by following up with buyers after they make their purchases. If an agent didn’t do a good job, we stop referring them.

Full Disclosure: It is common practice for agents to pay a referral fee to another licensed agent who sends business their way. If you purchase a property using the agent we referred, they will pay us a referral fee.


Have you ever watched a news program or read a newspaper that carried “smarmy ads?” You know the ones that tell half-truths or imply their product can work miracles? Sort of made you wonder about the trustworthiness of the news organization itself, didn’t it? We don’t want to be like that, so we’re picky about whom we allow to advertise here. They have to be honest companies with a quality service or product that is priced fairly. Every company represented on this site is one we would personally use if we had a need for their service.

About YOU

If you would like to contribute to our community, your input is encouraged and welcomed. You may share your experiences on our community forum; provide feedback on the agents we refer; and/or let us know of companies you think are deserving of our users’ consideration. Whether or not you choose to add to our growing collection of information is completely up to you. In either case, your use of this site is 100% free.